If you mentioned poker to a crowded room, the version people may make a connection to is the popular Texas Hold’em. While this is certainly the most common and widely played form of poker, it is by far not the only type that is enjoyed around the world. We take a brief look and breakdown of commonly played poker types enjoyed online and what their main differences are. 

Texas Hold’em

Let’s start with a crowd favourite and familiar one. This type of poker is the most well known form of the game known today, as well as being the most played online and in person. It is great to start out and easy for beginners to get familiar and play their hand. With the rise in popularity and accessibility to playing poker both live and at home, Texas Hold’em is a high-adrenalin game you want to take part in. 


Challenging a traditional game of Hold’em, Omaha is very similar to Texas Hold’em in many ways while challenging the players with the end goal of having the highest and lowest hand in a round. At the start of the game, instead of being dealt two hole cards, players will instead receive four to be hidden from the other players, unpredictably leaving the result of the game to the very end.

Seven Card Stud

Before Texas Hold’em gained its popularity, Seven Card Stud poker used to lead the scene as the form of poker leading choice. Seven Card Stud is great for beginners and brings a different dynamic to the game of poker in betting sequences, position of players and visibility of your opponents cards, possibly reducing the amount of bluffing versus a round of Texas Hold’em. While understanding moves, outs, odds and more, the fundamental grasp of poker is here to help you out, understanding the differences to popular Texas Hold’em can serve you well in a round of Seven Card Stud. . 

Five Card Draw

This simple variant of poker is high in strategic thinking and game play. Players are dealt five cards and have the opportunity to highly bluff their round as trading as many cards as they like with the remaining deck as they would like.


This is a simple form of poker with players being dealt five cards and alternating betting between the dealer turning over each community card one by one. The winner is the player with the highest five card hand.

While there are many other variants of poker to be played live and online, what is your preferred game? Download the SA Poker Online app to your device and experience online premium poker from wherever you are.