Bounty Tournaments

In bounty tournaments, a special cash prize is awarded to the person who eliminates a particular player. For example, if there is a bounty on the head of ‘KidPoker’, whoever eliminates him wins an extra prize, ranging from a couple of bucks to hundreds of dollars, depending on the tournament!

We offer two types of bounty tournaments:

Fixed: There is a bounty on the head of one or more ‘marked’ players. These players are designated in the tournament lobby with a ‘target’ symbol’. Hover over that target symbol with your mouse to see the amount of the bounty. Eliminate the marked player to win the bounty!

Knockout: There is a bounty on the head of every player in the tournament. For more information on Knockouts, see below.
You can quickly find bounty tournaments in the desktop lobby by looking for the appropriate symbol.

Progressive Knockouts

Progressive Knockout tournaments are an exciting variant of KO Poker. Like a standard KO tournament, you win cash every time you knock out an opponent, but there’s a twist: you win part of the eliminated player’s bounty immediately, but some of it is added to YOUR bounty (usually 50%). As you eliminate more players, your own bounty becomes bigger and bigger, making you a preferred target for other bounty hunters.

Most Progressive Knockout tournaments put half of your buy-in into the prize pool, with the other half as your own starting bounty. There are exceptions to this, where 25% of your buy-in goes into the prize pool and 75% is your starting bounty.

Most Progressive KOs work like this:
50% of the buy-in goes to the prize pool
50% of the buy-in funds each player’s initial bounty
50% of the bounty is progressive, meaning that when you knock a player out, you pocket half of their bounty value, with the other half added to your own bounty value.