SAPokerOnline cares about our smaller players as much as our bigger ones. Thus, we have decided to create a BadBeatJackpot specifically for our smaller players.

The BadBeatJackpot will run on all tables (excluding rapid) for the following games:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Omaha (5 Card)

NB: The BadBeatJackpot is only for tables that have stakes of 15/30 or smaller.

In order to catch the jackpot, you will need to lose a hand with Quad 2’s or better while using BOTH of your hole cards! NB: A MINIMUM of 3 players need to be dealt into the hand in order for it to qualify.

The jackpot will be paid out as follows:

  • The player that loses the hand = 35%
  • The player that wins the hand = 15%
  • All other players dealt in at the same = 20% (Split between them)
  • The remining 30% will stay in the jackpot to start the fund for the next winner.



SAPokerOnline offers all their customers a flat rakeback of 10%, it doesn’t how much or how little you play, every customer will receive the 10%. This will be deposited automatically into your player account every Sunday night at midnight.