The game of poker as it is known today has an ancient beginning and influence across many continents and cultures. While the initial origin of poker is varied and widely debated, we take a look at the games and areas that have influenced the game of poker to get it to the game we know and love in our modern day. 

Where did Poker originate?

While some historians believe that poker can be traced to a domino card type game played in the 10th century, poker history also depends on what you believe is the fundamental element of poker to have been influenced. With origins differing in the game itself or the money involved, we take a look at the widest known history.

With poker gaining popularity and moving to online platforms in recent years, the most widespread history and influence of poker’s origins was from a 16th century Persian card game that is played in a similar way to a modern 5 card stud game, making the connection an easy one to make.

Looking at another influence, Poque is the closest European link to the game of poker as it is known today. Implementing your skills and bluffing, Poque gained traction in France in the 17th century. Poque and it’s German equivalent Pochen were both based on a 16th century game Primero which originated in Spain.

It is believed that French colonists brought Poque to settlement in North America and the wide known modern day derivatives began. 

So how did we get to poker today?

As poker made its way and grew through North America, so did it’s popularity. Traveling with transport crews, soldiers, settlements and finding its way into saloons. Along with this spread, a full 52-card deck was introduced and so was the flush, leading to many variations and adaptations to get to the game we currently know and love.

With the growth and awareness of the game of poker, so did recreational and professional aspects of it. With high stakes and audiences in modern poker, tournaments became popular in casinos, friendly game nights and online, also drawing in massive audiences and passionate spectators.

Whether you like Texas Hold’em, Cincinnati, Omaha, 5 Card Draw or other heart racing types of poker, different poker games have gained popularity amongst poker players in the vast history of the game of poker. Don’t miss out on the Online Poker Series between the 16th of June to the 19th of July 2020. Download the SA Poker Online app today!