One thing that we will speak about when looking back on 2020 is how it impacted our everyday lives and things that we love doing. It will be a year where much was cancelled, new avenues tried and interesting playing behaviour by old and new poker players alike. We’re taking a look at what the beautiful game of poker has looked like this year so far. 

Before we knew what was coming

Very few of us could have imagined that there was a looming global crisis that would simultaneously impact the world at once. Social distancing was not a common phrase, elbow bump handshakes, no celebratory hugs and pats on the back. A world where wearing a mask in a poker room would have been an interesting experience and drawing in crowds in one space was permitted, encouraged and enjoyed. And then it swiftly changed. And we adapted.


This has been an interesting time to look at how we are keeping our poker community entertained and engaged. With major front-runners on the poker tournaments circuit having to change their usual plans, what has this looked like for our community?

Events have been cancelled or postponed to ensure the safety of us all through the worldwide Coronavirus breakout and thankfully that has been able to translate to playing online. The biggest exhibition of this has been the World Series of Poker held annually in Las Vegas, moving their tournament to an online space. An event that has previously drawn in massive in-person crowds and celebrations – definitely taking a massive attendance and revenue knock this year. While casinos and poker rooms have seen a slow reopening over recent weeks, there are still strict limitations on travel, hotel stays and crowd numbers, keeping many of us at home. 

Poker tournaments that have been postponed or cancelled:

  • Triton Series Jeju
  • BSOP São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, 
  • EPT Sochi, 
  • PokerStars Players Championship in Barcelona
  • And more.

By moving the tournament online, players and viewers are able to join in from the safety and comfort of their own homes. While this might not be the same as waiting with bated breath, feeling the electricity and vibe of the room, online poker has managed to keep our community together as much as we can at the moment. This has seen a spike and record levels of online poker playing, definitely keeping us together, alone. 

With our current day to day changing, we are closely following what Poker playing will look like in coming weeks and definitely ahead. With a focus onlive attendance at our local casinos with all of the new safety measures in place. To enjoy premium online poker from SA Poker Online, find out more here.